Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday 13

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Thirteen Things:

  1. My blog now has BlogAds - I'm super excited at the possibility of some ads helping to sponsor Book Sp(l)ot Reviews. (Revenue generated will help sponsor future giveaways.) I thought long and hard about where to put the ads so they wouldn't disrupt the layout or be distracting.
  2. I've emailled the winners from my first three Spring Break Blog Spectacular giveaways (the rest are still open) . . . and heard back from most of them
  3. Kathleen Peacock's pre-Hemlock scene still has me super excited for the release of Hemlock (May 8 is almost, almost here!)
  4. Also almost here? Insurgent's release? Can't wait to see what happens in that one. (My #TeamI'mNotSure faction posts will continue and finish up soon.)
  5. I reviewed Unraveling by Elizabeth Morris at a weird time, but I loved it - so here's the review if you missed it!
  6. Pinterest is a great time suck.
  7. As is watching Doctor Who (still miss Rose/Ten).
  8. Season Two of Sherlock starts (in the US) on May 6th - anyone else watching it?
  9. The Immortal Rules was optioned for a movie and I'm really hoping it happens. Aside from, maybe Underworld(?), there haven't been movies lately with tough vampire girls/women that could defend themselves.
  10. Also still hoping anything by Alyxandra Harvey gets made into a movie - or TV show (that gets to air) (see above reasoning then throw in Buffy-like wit and some love of Supernatural)
  11. THANK YOU to everyone who was (and continues to be) a part of my Spring Break Spectacular - I know I already had a thank you post but it's still pretty amazing.
  12. I should really do another blog event sometime (soon-ish).
  13. Apologies for the oh-so-very random Thursday 13!!

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