Friday, May 6, 2011

Die for Me ~ Amy Plum ARC review

Die for Me (Revenants #1)
May 10, 2011
341 pages

Dear Everyone: Buy this book! Or at least get it from the library and read it!! Sincerely, Me.

Die for Me is one of those books you find yourself wanting to find people simply so you can recommend it to them, holing it up to your friends and saying, "Read this!"

After Kate and Georgia's parents are killed in a car accident they make the fateful decisions to leave New York behind and live with their paternal grandparents in a city they've visited every summer, Paris.

While Georgia, the older sister, is ready to get out and live, Kate needs some coaxing to even leave the apartment.

When she finally does, chance encounters lead her to meet Vincent. Vincent Delacroix is handsome, charming--and everything else a teenage girl could ever dream of wanting in a boy. Kate knows she could easily fall for Vincent if she only gave herself the chance.

But Vincent also brings danger with him. Not exactly human, Vincent also has some secrets he'll have to share with Kate . . . and some enemies.

Is Kate willing to put herself and what's left of her family in danger to take a chance at true love?

Die for Me is unlike any other paranormal I've read--or read about. Those who liked Twilight by Stephenie Meyer or Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon should love it--those who didn't like either of those books should love it.

It's almost impossible to read Die for Me and believe that it's author Amy Plum is a debut author and hasn't written other (published) things to get to this level of storytelling. While other paranormal tales run the risk of having no story for readers to connect with or enjoy if the supernatural element were to be removed, that's not true here. Plum developed such great chemistry between not only her romantic lead but also the side characters and a connection between the familial characters that, (though you can't separate the story like that) you can see them carrying a story on their own.

Each of the characters has their own unique personality and traits with each doing things that, while possibly seeming trivial at the time, come back to play a part in the book's plot later. The plot is complex without always seeming so. (A definite good thing.)

The paranormal sort of mythos that Amy Plum created here is really pretty amazing. The detail she gave it really draws you in and connects the reader with all of the characters-and their stories. (If there were any holes in the logic, I certainly didn't find them.) I am absolutely thrilled this is going to be a series because I cannot wait to read more about these characters and hopefully their relationships with each other. (I want to know what Jules' thing 'is about' and more with Charlotte, mostly Jules though ;) ... and no more almost spoilerness.)

One last thing: Die for Me is perfectly set in Paris and Paris is the perfect setting for Die for Me. This book truly could not have taken place anywhere else. Paris absolutely sets the scene for everything. It sets the mood and give off a feeling for the reader. The things we learn about daily life in Paris are just cream for the delicious French pastry.

(Not to mention, I think I'll forever read revenants with a French accent.)


biggest of big thank yous to Harper for my review copy!!!

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