Saturday, September 25, 2010

e-reader question

To anyone with one of the various e-readers out now or a smartphone that lets you read ebooks on it, I have a question: is there one that lets you read the books that the libraries have (they seem to usually be Adobe DRM epub) and Kindle books?

And what are the pros and cons of whatever it is you have/know about? I know that basically whatever dedicated e-reader is not the Kindle works for the library ebooks, but obviously not the Kindle ones. Some of the phones have Kindle apps, but I don't know about apps for the library/Adobe DRM books . . .

So, I'm asking you all :) (I'm likely not really going to buy ebooks, just use it for the free ones, review books, and library ones so I don't especially want to buy one but I'm not one hundred percent sure--hence my asking.

Thanks for any input anyone givess--you can alo email me, if you want, my email's on my profile.

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