Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zombie Queen of Newbury High ~ Amanda Ashby review

Zombie Queen of Newbury High~Amanda Ashby
March 5, 2009

Mia, a high school senior acting in the typical girl's love gone wrong mode, inadvertently casts a spell that turns her entire senior class into zombies! Just imagine what her prom is going to be like now.

Lucky for her there's someone in the class who knows just how to remedy the problem. From the Department of Paranormal Containment, if you can believe that. Which, Buffy obsessed Mia, actually can.

This novel is easily one of my favorites (of zombie books, of paranormal books, and of any books period!). Ashby and Mia's knowledge of all things Joss Whedon (I can excuse the Angel love and pretend she secretly lusts after Spike) and Supernatural made this a thousand percent enjoyable for fangirly me. But the nearly perfect writing and the comedy of the whole thing and the way the plot flowed and the fact that there weren't gaps in the storyline or random "Oh, look, this is useful now, sorry for forgetting it earlier!" things made it a wonderfully enjoyable story.

Knowledge of Buffy, Angel or Supernatural wasn't necessary for enjoying Zombie Queen in the least--it just made it more enjoyable for anyone who does have that knowledge.

And Candice, Mia's hypochondriac best friend was a great addition to the little cast of characters. She was a fun little screwy character but also a great best friend and her character added a lot to the plot throughout the book.

I desperately hope Amanda Ashby writes more YA (and more paranormal)..and maybe even a Buffy novel or two...I'm going to have to find my water logged (literally, it fell in water and is growing some mold) copy of You Had Me at Halo and read it because I now love her writing style and storytelling. And then I'll have to catch up on my Supernatural DVDs and rewatch some Season 5-7 Buffy ones..

Definite 10 for this one and thank you so much to the Zombie Challenge for getting me to finally read this!!


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  1. looks great! glad you liked this one. i did too. thanks for showing your zombie love with this post!

  2. I also read this book and I thought it was good.

  3. Great review. This book will be coming to me soon and I can not wait to read it!

  4. BTW: you've just been awarded...

  5. Thanks for this review! I just saw it in the library today and was curious if it was any good.


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