Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frenemies ~ Alexa Young review

Harper Teen
May 13, 2008
256 Pages

Avalon Greene and Halley Brandon have been the best of besties for as long as anyone can remember-they even share a puppy, Pucci. But after a summer spent apart-Halley at art camp and Avalon at home their houses being next door to each other is about the closest thing about the two.

Halley comes back, ready to start eighth grade with a brand new look but her same best friend only said best friend does not approve of the new artsy look. Avalon, long known as the go-to for Fashion do's and don't's can't fathom where Halley-her former partner in the Glamour-esque blackbaring of their classmates-has gotten her new fashion sense. Or lack of it.

Arguments soon ensue and blow far beyond who's wearing what shoes to the first day of school and a list divorce settlement type list is being drawn up to divide the school, their friends and their lives.

Can the two (and their friendship) survive this?

Frenemies was a fun middle grade novel about girls and friendship and how to deal when your friends start to change as they grow up (which definitely happens in junior high/beginning of high school....and beyond). The crazy lavishness of Halley and Avalon's life--from their designer clothing to the ahi tuna served in their cafeteria only made it that much more enjoyable.

I couldn't necessarily see thirteen-year-olds living a life that those two did exactly (close maybe, not quite) but it was fun for fiction. And sometimes they did seem a little older but overall they were cute characters and I enjoyed the book and it's point.

The second book Faketastic was released January 6, 2009 and has 256 pages, too (I have a thing with books that are 256 pages me thinks).


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