Friday, December 12, 2008

Wow, Really?

I go away for a few days because of this virus/bug thing (I had Zombie Blondes* scheduled to post) and I get a post linked by Vampire Wire and Literary Escapism--I feel all included now :)

Thank you. Anywho, I was up late helping with some paper editing and now I'm on dog duty (and still with the bug) and wrap-up-presents-before-people-get-home duty but I'll do my best to get Fancy White Trash and 13 Reasons Why's reviews written (I might have one post Monday if I do). Then I need to read some adult books again ;)

Oh! and whatever was going wrong with this blog, Windows updated again and I seem to be able to access it from my computer again (I know, a sane person wouldn't have tried so often if it froze their internet.._

and I might start something on Twitter...that Live Bloggy stuff...might not, I'm not sure

*I need to italicize book titles more often :(


  1. I'm super excited for 13 reasons why!!!!It's on my wish list!

  2. I hope you get it! It's a really great book :)


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