Thursday, October 2, 2008

All American Girl ~ Meg Cabot

All American Girl
Harper Teen
(March 25, 2008)
416 Pages
$7.99 (paperback)

Samantha Madison, artistic rebel, is a high school sophomore living in Washington DC with her super brainy (but socially challenged) younger sister Rebecca, super popular older sister Lucy, and their parents. Rebecca is the smart one who knows tons of random facts but is awkward with the day to day bits of life, Lucy is the cheerleader with the perfect red hair that is the color Sam wishes hers were and Sam is the one who has dyed all of her clothes black (in protest), has frizzy, red hair of a horrible hue, and is in love with Lucy's rebellious boyfriend Jack.

Oh, and she kind-of-accidentally saved the Presidents life.

The President's son is brought into the book then and there's much make-Jack-jealousness and Sam is made teen ambassador to the UN...

I suppose this book was meant to be cute--with the endearing younger sister who's trying to be likeable but can't quite get there and the older sister who you're sure behind all her jerkiness really loves Sam and then David (the President's son) who's brought in to rival Jack. But none of the characters ever captured me. It was like they all had too much of something (even her best friend had a lot piled on).

Or maybe that had nothing to do with it. Maybe it was that I never did find out why Lucy and jack were dating (it didn't make sense to me) and Sam's whole rebel-artist thing seemed to exist because she said it every five pages and wore only black than because of anything she did.

This story was alright, but I just didn't find myself caring one way or the other about the characters (or if I did it was because Sam was annoying me telling me how she was a 'rebel').

This book gets a 7/10

fyi, Blogger can't spell: Rebecca

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