Review Policy

I love to read and review books. I bet I would love to review yours. My review will be honest - I may like the book, then again I may not, but my review will be honest (but never mean).

What I will and Won't Accept: I read almost all YA books. I will accept some MG and adult books (especially if they have YA-crossover appeal). I read and review from just about any genre but do not, usually, particularly enjoy religious/Christian fiction.

I may not reply to each request - some get lost in my spam folder and some I am just not able to accept (due to time constraints, interest, etc.).

Formats: I am able to accept both print and ebooks - of different formats, so please ask for each book if possible. I do, still, sometimes prefer print books but understand that is not always possible so ebooks are definitely okay. I accept both ARCs and books that are already released (ARCs may get preference for review). I am able to accept e-galleys through NetGalley and Galley Grab.

Standalones vs Series: I do love book series but am almost obsessive about reading the series in order (unless books are companion novels or I really don't think I want to read the rest of the series). If a book is a latter book in a series, chance are I will want to read the prior books first, please consider either making them available to me (especially if they are not widely available/for loan in either physical or digital - through Overdrive- libraries) and/or give me time to read (and maybe review) them as well.

Reviews: Each review contains the title and author as well as if it's advance copy - or electronic galley - in the post title. The title, publisher, release date and number of pages are included at the top of each post - along with any series information - along with links to the book on Goodreads and Amazon (if available). Following that information will be a synopsis that I write and my (honest) review of the title. At the end of each post, I cite the source of the title that was just reviewed (unless it came from my own personal library, my public library, or someone I know), in compliance with FTC regulations - even when being overly cautious.

Not, currently, receiving unsolicited books for review. (Will update this page when this changes.)
If,however, you would like me to do an interview or guest post, host a giveaway or feature something in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me:

@thebookspot on Twitter
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