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What's Here:
On Book Sp(l)ot I review mostly YA books of all kinds: contemporary romance, fantasy, historical fiction, paranormal romance, supernatural, dystopian, mystery, etc. I also read and review some adult paranormal romance, general fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, nonfiction, memoirs, and more.

I have a Nook so I am able to read ebooks (and egalleys!) now, too.

There are also some movie and TV reviews - especially for books and or television shows based off of books. These will be featured in Cinema Saturday.

As to the content of my reviews, I try to keep as many spoilery plot elements as I can out of my reviews (and books synopsises) as possible. What fun is reading the book if I've already told you what's going to happen?

I also have some author interviews, book giveaways, and more. If you are author, publicist, publisher. anything else and would be interested in having something happen on my blog, please see the Contact page.

I review ARCs, books I buy, books sent from publishers and authors, books won in contests, and books from the library.

While I do try to review most of the books I receive, I cannot guarantee acceptance of all review requests. Nor will I guarantee a positive review of any book. Reviews posted on this site and elsewhere will include, at the end, the source of the book (ie, if it came from the publisher, the author, Goodreads' Early Reviews program, LibraryThings' First Reads, etc.) so as to comply with the new FTC regulations.

For for one what books I review, how I review them, etc, please see my Review Policy.

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